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What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an off-the-shelf ERP package, that brings together your core business functions, including, accounting/finance, sales, purchasing, CRM, stock control, manufacturing and service, into a single unified system, you have a real time, 360° view of your organisation. Click on the following link to take a closer look at the SAP Business One core modules .
SAP Business One is a single solution that is affordable for running an entire small and mid-sized company. It includes all the major areas of most organizations including financials, sales, customer relationship management, vendor relationship management, inventory, purchasing, light manufacturing, project tracking, planning and reporting. It's built on the rock solid Microsoft SQL Server Database and also now supports SAP's own HANA in memory database which is their fastest growing product line. SAP Business One is a modern ERP solution designed for a streamlined implementation and fast return on investment (ROI). It's designed to be rapidly implemented, easily supported, and quickly customized to your unique business process rather than you having to change your business to fit the solution.
SAP Business one as one-stop solution for small and mid-sized companies has been developed HR & Payrolls Addon's with Microexcel and It has been satisfied many companies from GCC (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). It replaces strenuous paper-based, time consuming and error prone HR methods. Sukesh recommends Business one with regional capabilities like WPS ,GPSSA for UAE,GOSI for Saudi Arabia,GOSI HCVT,LMRA,MOH for Bahrain & PASI for OMAN to meet the whole GCC local payroll requirements including Qatar .

Will SAP Business One be too complex for my small/mid-sized business?

No. SAP has worked with over 10,000 small businesses to help them reach their goals. In fact, more than 65% of SAP customers are small- and midsize companies. SAP Business One, designed exclusively to meet the needs of small businesses, is an integrated, affordable business management application. It's a single system that can automate critical business operations, such as sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing. And it provides accurate, up-to-the-minute views of business data. SAP Business One is easy to buy, quick to install, and easy to use.

Can SAP Business One be used in large organizations also?

Yes. No matter what the nature of your business is, SAP can provide comprehensive business management software that helps you stay on top of your business. The affordable, easy-to-use SAP Business One application allows you to manage practically all of core your business functions, including:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory and distribution
  • Ordering and delivery
  • Purchasing and merchandising
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Employees and human resources
  • E-commerce
  • Financial and accounting

How Flexible is SAP Business One for my specific business?

Business One is easy to set up and configure, and as your business grows, you can adapt and customize SAP Business One to meet your changing needs. For instance, you can use from over 450 solutions, many of them industry specific, that have been built on top of the SAP Business One application. This way, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your specific business and industry challenges.
To customize or develop these add-on modules for SAP Business One, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. This allows our developers to provide a future-proofed solution. The SDK is a "toolbox"containing interfaces, sample code, documentation and development tools. The Software Development Kit allows programmers to easily interface third-party applications with SAP Business Oneonboth the database and user interface level. It is an ideal platform to extend and change the functionality of SAP Business One.

Will SAP Business One fit my budget?

Yes. SAP Business One is an affordable, award winning product built exclusively for small businesses. As a complete software integration package, SAP Business One eliminates the cost and hassle of integrating several stand-alone applications.

Why would I need SAP Business One be.as for my manufacturing operations?

It is a great fit! Even though you are small, you still have all the complexities of a large corporation needing strong software business manufacturing solutions including multiple currencies and different languages.

How long after the installation can I continue to use SAP Business One without a license key?

For new installations, the system can be used for a period of 31 days after the first posting without a license key. This 31-day period cannot be extended. After the end of this period, you will no longer be able to access the system. You should request a permanent license key as soon as possible. For more information on the requesting process, see SAP Note 578256.

Which authorization do I need to request a license key for my customer?

If you are an SAP partner and would like to request a license key for one of your customers, you will need an S-user with the authorization "license key request for SAP partner". For further information, see SAP Notes 124703 and 103926.

When do I have to request a new license key for my Business One system?

  • If your hardware key has changed
  • If the number of users has changed
  • If the license expiration date has changed
  • If components (add-ons) have changed
  • If you upgraded your system from release 9.0 to release 9.1

How can I request a Business One license key?

Request your license key using SAP Service Marketplace from service.sap.com/licensekey, choose SAP Solutions for SMB, choose request license key. You can find more information on requesting license keys in SAP Note 578256.

Who should request license keys?

License keys should be requested by the SAP partner. Prerequisite for requesting a license key is a S-user and the authorization for the partner "License key request for SAP partner" for the corresponding installation number. Only in exceptional cases if an end-customer should not have an SAP partner the license key can be requested by the customer itself. For further information, see SAP Notes 124703 and 103926.

What should I do if I have mistakenly requested a license key for a new system instead of a license key for an existing system?

Delete the systems that were requested repeatedly as described in SAP Note 614911. Afterwards you can request the new license key for the existing system using SAP Service Marketplace from service.sap.com/licensekey, choose SAP Solutions for SMB , choose request license key. You can find more information on requesting a license key in SAP Note 578256.

What should I do if I requested a license key using an incorrect installation number?

The system ordered using the incorrect installation number should be deleted and re-requested using the correct installation number on the SAP Service Marketplace. The deletion process is described in SAP Note 614911.

How do I receive the license key from SAP?

The license key is sent to you in an e-mail message. Once you have received the license file, copy it onto your computer. Then restart SAP Business One. When the license query appears, add the license file to it. You can also download the license key in SAP Service Marketplace under the Internet address service.sap.com/licensekey choose SAP Solutions for SMB. For further information, see SAP Note 742024.

How can I change the file extension of the file attached to the mail from .txt.to lic.?

You must save the file locally on your computer before you change the extension. You must NOT change the content of the file.

Why is my license key only temporary?

If you request a license key for more users than you have licensed or for non-licensed components or your contract or hardware data are limited, you receive a license key that expires after 14 days. Request a license key with less user or contact your local SAP contracts department. For further information, see SAP Note 765296.

How can I return users that are no longer needed to SAP?

To return users to SAP:

  • Request a new license key with a reduced number of users for the existing system.
  • SAP generates a new license key.
  • You receive the new key in an e-mail message. You can also download it from the SAP Service Marketplace.

The users returned to SAP can then be used for other Business One systems.

The maximum number of users for all systems must not exceed the number of licensed users specified in the contract. For further information, see SAP Note 596562.

How can I delete a Business One license key, also when S-user is unknown?

The deletion process is described in SAP Note 614911. When S-user is unknown, see SAP Note 781853.

What are the prerequisites for requesting a license key for partner solutions?

If you want to request a license key for partner solution, Add-On Access Users have to be booked in your contract. If these users have not been booked, contact your local contract department.

How many users can connect to a single DI Server license (one CPU)?

The DI Server uses a concurrent, unlimited license model. This means that an unlimited number of users can access the same DI Server add-on for an unlimited number of times.
The only limitation is the expected performance of the add-on.

Which type of SAP Business One users can run add-on solutions?

All SAP Business One users (Basic, CRM-Sales, CRM-Service, and Professional) can run add-on solutions, provided that an add-on license has been assigned to them. However, if the add-on uses functionality that is not part of the Basic, the user must be licensed to that functionality. See the License Comparison Chart for details.

Add-on licenses must be acquired separately.

How many times can I access the application with a single Basic, CRM-Sales, CRM-Service, or Professional license?

With the same user name, you can access the same Company database up to twice.

How many times can I access an add-on with a single add-on license?

With the same user name, you can access the same add-on for unlimited number of times.
If the customer uses several different add-on solutions at the same time, does the customer need add-on access user per add-on solution?
Yes, Add-On Access license is a named license that must be assigned to a specific user.

Is Add-On Access License same as Add-On Basic License?


Is the Add-On Access License free of charge?

No, you need to buy a specific add-on access license in order to use third-party add-ons.

Can SAP Business One Add-Ons be used free of charge?

Yes, no additional license is required. This is included in SAP Business One license fee.

Does user through DI-server need add-on access license?


Does user through DI-server need add-on license?


Does user through DI-Server need application license according to the use of functionality?